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Want To Become A Train Driver In 2012?

If so, then you’ve arrived the best place possible to enable you to do so. This website is committed to the train driver recruitment process and the goal here is to help you succeed and secure your job as a train driver.

We do this by providing exclusive insider recruitment information that will enable you to fly through the recruitment process. We have spent hundreds of hours researching each step of the recruitment process in order to become a train driver.

We have interviewed and analysed successful candidates and current serving recruitment staff to ensure you have the advantage.

Stage 1 - Application Form - Completing and submitting a strong application form is vital to pass the first stage

Stage 2 - The Assessment centre - This involves a testing stage and a structured interview. You will need to pass both of these section progress and preparation is the key here.

Stage 3 - The Final interview - Usually takes place with two driver managers. Candidates that prepare their answers for the interview beforehand and practice have a much higher success rate

Stage 4 - Medical - This is the final step to ensure that you meet the medical requirements for the role of a train driver.

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